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Refund Policy:

Full Refund on parts or materials if defective if notified upon delivery.

Full Refund of lesson tuition if canceled 24 hours before the start of class.

Once student has started lessons a maximum of 50% refund will be made if student decides (or is unable) to cancel all further lessons. The amount of refund will be determined based on days student attends class.


Payment for:

PowerFloat Water Rescue



A better choice in PPG  floatation


Recharge Kit



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USPPA Training



(PPG1 & PPG2)

Rental Equipment

 USPPA Approved

7 days a week x 365


Nirvana Rodeo


 Simonini Mini 2

27 HP @ 6,800 RPM
Manual/Electric start
Weight 55 lbs
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Fresh Breeze Simonini

Simonini 122
Weight 62 lbs
Thrust 153 lbs
Max pilot weight 260 lbs
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Fresh Breeze Sportix

Weight 65 lbs
Thrust 153 lbs
Max pilot weight 240 lbs
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Weight 71 lbs
Thrust 165 lbs
Max pilot weight 350+
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New Standard TT2A - TINY TACH™

  • RPM can be programmed to read a variety of cylinder firing modes correctly.

  • RPM display from 1 to 19,000.
  • RPM update time 1/2 second.
  • Hour meter records total actual running time on your engine.
  • Job timer can be reset to record run time for record keeping. Coax cable transmits signal without EMF interference.

  • 1 Antenna cable winds around your spark plug wire to give you the RPM reading – clean and simple to attach. Signal strength can be controlled by the antenna wire.
  • Standard cable length is 6 feet. Additional length can be added at the factory for $10. If not standard, please specify total length needed in the "comments" section at the end of the order page.
  • TINY-TACH™ unit is potted to prevent damage from moisture and vibration. Lithium battery life 5+ years, not replaceable.
  • One year warranty. Click here for warranty information.

Tiny Tac

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Aerolight Propulse 


Cors-Air Black Devil
25 HP / 172.5 cc
Weight 59 lbs
Thrust 155 lbs
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Fly Sprint

Polini Thor 100
20 HP / 110 cc
Weight 50 lbs
Thrust 135 lbs
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Fly Hornet

Cisco motors C-MAX series
27 HP / 175 cc
Weight 52 lbs
Thrust 175 lbs
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Fly Max


Simonini Mini2
28 HP / 202 cc
Weight 62 lbs
Thrust 184 lbs
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Fly Race C

Race C
Vittorazi Fly 100 Evo
18 HP / 100 cc
Weight 56 lbs
Thrust 120 lbs
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Fly Gold

Gold 130
Simonini Mini2 Plus
28 HP / 202 cc
Weight 62 lbs
Thrust 183 lbs
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Fly Kompress

Cors-Air Black Devil
25 HP / 172 cc
Weight 59 lbs
Thrust 155 lbs
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