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PPG Clubs / Schools - Remember to select USPPA certified school!

PPG Clubs and Schools and their Web URL.

 School Name Status School URL
Aerolight International, LLC.   Approved
Airparamo   Approved
AirPlay Paragliding   Approved
Airpro Paramoteur   Approved
AK Paramotor   Approved
American Flyer PPG   Approved
American Paragliding   Approved
Atlanta Paragliding Enterprises Llc.   Approved
AZPPG - Arizona Powered Paragliding   Approved
BackPack Flyer   Approved
Baja PPG   Approved
Black Diamond Aircraft   Approved
Blue Sky Air Sports   Approved
Central California Powered Paragliding   Approved
Cloud 9 Paragliding   Approved
Club "Kamikazes" - ParapentePR   Approved
Club Baja Paramotor   Approved  
Connecticut Yankee PPGers   Approved  
DeepSouth PPG   Approved
Deimos Paragliding Flight School   Approved
Discover Paragliding   Approved
Discover Powered Paragliding   Approved
DJ's Powered Paragliding School   Approved
Eagle Wings   Approved
El Paso Paragliding, LLC   Approved
Emerald Coast Powered Paragliding LLC   Approved
E-Ville Outfitters   Approved
Experience Powered Paragliding   Approved
Finger Lakes Paragliding   Approved
Flightrunners   Approved
Flugschule-Koerfer   Approved
Flying Chutes   Approved  
Flying Laundry LLC   Approved
Freedom Flight Center   Approved
Get High Powered Paragliders Inc.   Approved  
GliderGear, LLC   Approved
Greatlakes PPG   Approved  
Inland Paragliding   Approved  
Iowa Powered Paragliding   Approved
Lite Touch PPG Instruction   Approved
MaGoo's Powered Paragliding   Approved  
Midlands Sports Paragliders   Approved
Midwest Powered Paragliding   Approved
Minnesota Paramotor   Approved
MotoGlide   Approved
Mountain Flyers Paragliding   Approved
NJPPG   Approved
Northeast Skycruisers, LLC   Approved
Northern Illinois Powered Paragliding Instruction   Approved
Northern Skies PPG   Approved  
Ohio Powered Paragliding   Approved
Over The Hill Paragliding   Approved
Palm Beach PPG   Approved
Paradrenalin   Approved
Paradrome PPG   Approved  
Parafreedom Air Sports   Approved
Paraglide Texas   Approved
Paragliding Unlimited   Approved
Paramotor Thailand   Approved
Paratour   Approved
Paratoys Mexico   Approved   Approved
Paratrevidos   Approved
Pennsylvania Powered Paragliding   Approved
PHXPPG Group   Approved
Pikes Peak Powered Paragliding Club   Approved
PlanetPPG - Pine Island Airport   Approved
Powered Adventure Airsports   Approved
Powered Paragliding New Brunswick Inc.   Approved
Powered Paragliding of Oklahoma   Approved
Powered Paragliding Ontario   Approved
Powered Paragliding USA   Approved
Powered ParaSports, LLC   Approved
Powerparagators   Approved
PPG Tennessee   Approved
PPG Tennessee   Approved
PPGFUN.COM   Approved
Red River PPG   Approved
River Valley PPG   Approved
Seabird PPG   Approved
SKY-BIKER Aviation Inc   Approved
SkyTrek PPG   Approved  
Sluggers PPG   Approved
South Florida PPG, LLC.   Approved
Southern Skies   Approved
Super Fly Inc.   Approved
Team Fly Halo   Approved
Tennessee PPG, LLC   Approved  
Thermal Tracker Paragliding   Approved
Time2Fly, LLC   Approved
Torrey Pines Gliderport   Approved
Treasure Coast Powered Wings   Approved
Tx Flysports   Approved
TXWingNuts   Approved
U-CAN-FLY-2   Approved
UPtimal   Approved
West Coast Paragliding   Approved
Whitehawk Powered Paragliding   Approved
Wisconsin Paraglider Flying Club   Approved
XL   Approved
XLKITES Houston   Approved


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