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TrikeBuggy Deluxe

The TrikeBuggy is a PPG motor attached to a Flexifoil Kite Buggy with our unique frame design and a paraglider wing to achieve flight. It is an extremely comfortable and easy to use personal aircraft that is just plain fun to fly!

Inspired by the durable kitebuggy made by Flexifoil, our Basic and Deluxe TrikeBuggy configurations are solid as a rock and remarkably affordable compared to other PPG trikes.

The center of gravity of the TrikeBuggy is lower than any other PPG Trike, and the wing lifts the trike and pilot together, giving this little flying machine a feel that is more solid than larger, bulkier trikes. With the TrikeBuggy, you simply sit down in the seat of the buggy, fasten your seat belt and go fly! The seated position is so much more comfortable than a traditional PPG harness, and your legs can rest on the footpegs or simply dangle once you have launched.

Using our own specially hardware to attach most any paramotor securely to the kite buggy frame, the TrikeBuggy allows a solo powered paraglider pilot to launch easily when there is no wind - the most challenging PPG launch condition.


  • No carrying the heavy motor unit on your back!
  • No more running forward launches!
  • Rolling easily into flight!
  • Landing in no-wind conditions with no running!

Save your knees, legs and ankles and say goodbye to broken props and cages. With proper training, this new buggy will make those calm condition flights not just possible, but fun and easy!

You'll actually smile when the other pilots worry about whether they can pull off a no-wind launch (not to mention the landing!) when the air is smooth and sweet, knowing that you can taxi along after inflation and roll right into a controlled launch. Come into your landing at full speed, with just a nice flare to round out the approach, and roll into a superb touch-down!

TrikeBuggy Deluxe is 52.5 inches wide and resistant to tipping over. TrikeBuggy Deluxe has ample room and comfort for larger or heavier pilots and for someone that wants a more reclining seated position. The wide wheelbase makes the Deluxe TrikeBuggy very stable when on the ground, launching and landing.

Standard with 6" wide wheels, plus all the hardware to attach most any paramotor, a quick release seat belt, and our new 30" tall TrikeBuggy embroidered Back Pad. Click any of the pictures on this page for enlargements!

  • Weight: 65 lbs. Basic, 75 lbs. Deluxe
  • Axle Width: 52.5" Deluxe
  • Assembled Width: 62" Deluxe
  • Assembled Length: 78" Deluxe
  • Wheel Diameter: 16"
  • Wheel Width: 6"

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TrikeBuggy Bullet

The TrikeBuggy Bullet is our next generation PPG Trike inspired from designs that are both visually appealing and highly functional. This design is for the paraglider version only and is FAA Part 103 legal as an Ultralight Vehicle or Aircraft.


The Bullet's frame is simple and solid, made of chromed steel and aluminum. It is sleek and racy, plus it gives the pilot a protective cage that will keep the pilot from contact with the ground in case of a rollover.


Victoria sitting on the BulletThe TrikeBuggy Bullet uses the tried and true Flexifoil Wide Axle Kite Buggy as the foundation for this unique PPG Trike. The new design allows the pilot to quickly dismount the motor for use as foot launch or to transport.

The TrikeBuggy includes a Wide Wheel Stainless Steel Wide Axle Buggy, the new Bullet cage sections and clamps, Rear Upright and Motor Mount hardware, Comfort Bar Adapters, Seat Belt, Low Hangpoint Kit, Carabiners, Bullet A-Assists, and TrikeBuggy Back Pad. (Paramotor and paraglider not included) 

The Bullet also quickly disassembles for packing away, and accepts our new EyePod Fairings as well as having it's own accessories such as Bullet A-Assists and Intuitive Foot Steering System made specially for this new cage design. We use the bullet here at Lake Syuzy Airport in training new students and I must tell you - this trike is tough! Many students and it still looks like new. We highly recommend this trike.

Victoria with the TrikeBuggy BulletThe Bullet also incorporates our latest innovation - the TrikeBuggy Low Hang-point System. This allows the use of virtually any paraglider whether it has trimmers or not. The risers are positioned much lower than most PPG Trikes, bringing the brake position down to a comfortable reach for even the shortest pilots. This system is unique in the industry, since it allows the pilots to use their regular paraglider without making modifications to it.

The Low Hang-point System is also noteworthy because it literally ties the paraglider to the Buggy, eliminating the need for any kind of harness system. You simply sit down and fasten your seat belt and go fly! A Five-Point Harness can be added, but really is not necessary. Our Harness Backup Kit can also be used on the Bullet for added security if desired.

The low CG (center of gravity) is the same as the other TrikeBuggies, since we are using the same low seat and comfortable reclined seat position made possible by the Flexifoil Buggy. At 7" off the ground, this is the lowest pilot seat of any ultralight aircraft available today.

Victoria sitting on the BulletThe TrikeBuggy Bullet has one more distinguishing feature - it includes the Bullet A-Assists at no additional charge. These great accessories make the inflation of the wing a snap, with no input needed from the pilot! Simply hook up the A-Assists and watch your glider come up evenly every time (well almost!). The glider gets the best chance at a perfect inflation, since they always pull evenly on the A risers.


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Green Eagle: Fly today with tomorrows security and safety



We are now offering the gas or propane powered state of the art Green Eagle


The Green Eagle 4 stroke DFX61 Engine does not require oil mixed gas 

This engine is designed to run at 3,700 RPM for 3000 hours on gas or propane.


This trike is FAR 103 legal meaning gas version total weight is less than two hundred pounds, and two hundred fifteen pounds for propane if using a steel bottle. Total allowed weight not to include fuel for the USA is 254 lbs to stay under licensing laws. 


Additional options available. Save thousands on this unit compared to the current market PPG trikes and 4-stroke units


  • 245 LBS of thrust at 3200 RPM
  • 4-stroke gasoline engine - very quiet
  • Portable - no trailers needed for transport
  • FAR 103 compliant
  • Trike/Quad formation - no foot launch
  • Safety designed frame

Many ordering options from basic to 4 wheeled LX Green Eagle fully loaded

  • Optional quad front end  + $218.00
  • Optional propane kit + TBD (required if you want to unhook your BBQ grill bottle and go flying)
  • Optional hydraulic brakes + $183.00

Additional Optional  will be listed here soon

Just 87 octane from the pump and fly for 5 hours on one tank full, or 2 hours on our UK version 14 liter tank

On propane fly for 3.5 hours with time to spare, its better for the environment, cleaner, quieter, 110 Octane, altitude friendly, and doesn’t varnish your carburetor if you are not flying for a while

Our unit has the lowest maintenance of any professionally manufactured unit on the market

Innovative design and engine mounting systems include patent pending propane delivery systems

chrome molly steel double sheer axle spindle made of 0625 seamless

A 1.5 inch Chrome Molly steel axle with 1.250 spring rod suspension at over 20,000lbs tensile strength, gives soft landings and great independent suspension

Our main frame aluminum is .125 inch thick wall 1.5 inch diameter, Drawn over mandrel seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum

  • Frame Brackets are T-7075 heat treated Air craft aluminum.

  • Advance wing launch system set at 15 deg natural angle.  Attach your wing to a 26,000 pound double shear strength quick disconnect attachment points for ultimate safety.

  • A riser bearing and attachment system allowing no riser rubbing. This allows the wing to rotate for launch much quicker while preventing wear in the risers.

  • Over 220 pounds of thrust at only 2900 RPM on the Propane engine.

  • Over 245 LBS of thrust on the Gas version at 3200 RPM with up to 300lbs of thrust with the DFX61 Ultra Stage 2 Engine.

  • 8 part take down cage and quick release axles.

  • Designed to fit in the back of any small or large pickup truck.

  • Can be used with the easy launch system or wheelchair ramp on a car with out disassembly.

  • Comes with highly modified and reliable 4 stroke engine the new DFX61.

  • Has 7 pounds more torque at 2,900 RPMs  than a $10,000 dollar Rotax 582 running at 6,000 RPMs

  • Your basic maintenance (oil change and Plugs) is every 100 hours verses a 300 hour rebuild for many expensive 2 stroke engines.

  • Green Eagles fuel per hour is 1 gallon or less depending on flying habits where the closest 2 stroke uses up to 3 gallons of hi test fuel per hour with an additional oil mix.

  • The Green eagle is the cost per hour to fly verses competitive craft.

  • Your green Eagle is as much as 8,000 US dollars lower cost that foreign units with the same or lower thrust and less safety.

  • Our Green Eagle is 100% made in the USA with 8 US companies involved in its production, so you are not paying in Euro Dollars adding up to 40% in cost .

  • The US dollar makes our craft a great investment for foreign markets and the same for US customers who want local service.

  • The Propane Green Eagle is cheaper, quieter and more reliable not to mention much more environmentally friendly.

  • The propane Green Eagle will not spill gasoline on you or the environment.

  • Our Propane Green Eagle is not altitude sensitive like any carbureted 2 stroke engines.

  • Our safety cage will give you full body protection

  • The Green Eagle has 6 inches of seat adjustment. Allowing for very tall pilots over 6 foot 5 inches to 5.3 inches to fly comfortably. 

  • The Green Eagle comes standard with a 4 point harness along with a proven seat with upper body and lower body protection.

  • Our Air craft aluminum is thick wall, drawn over mandrel, and seamless, making it expensive, but safer and stronger. 

  • There are no airframe welded parts.  The only welded parts are the Chrome molly Font/ rear end and propeller cage support.   The steel is then normalized in ovens  Having bolted aluminum makes an aircraft much stronger when dealing with aluminum.

  • Your Green Eagle is quieter than any competing trike on the market.


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NIRVANA PARAMOTORS brings the new Cruise Carbon Trike.

We draw on long time experience of using the older Cruise Trike version. We improved it, used new and better materials, we added spoke aluminum wonderful wheels to make the trike look even better, than ever before. The well thought out system of spring suspension absorbs most of the ground clashes during the landing. The soft paraglider attachment allows you fly with without feeling like you are in or on a trike. You may disconnect the engine from the trike in just a minute.

You have to see and fly it!



Free suspension device
The new construction allows the pilot sit in the harness, which hangs above the trike. The seat of the harness never touches the trike during the flight or landing. The pilot harness attachment is something very special.

This free suspension device helps to make your flying and landings safe.

Easy get in
Side spreaders helps you to sit in the harness very comfortably. The side spreaders will open, when you are getting in, and close, when you are there. It is very easy to get in this trike.



Easy assembling & packing
To assemble or disassemble your trike, you DO NOT NEED ANY TOOLS. All parts are joint together with interlocking connectors.
Set up in minutes.

Transport bag for your trike
The Cruise Carbon Bag – ingenious developed bag will allow you to disassemble your trike into only one bag. Transportation and storage problems are minimized.


The special spring suspension of the back axels.

Soft paraglider attachment
The paraglider is attached straight to the harness.

Zero torsion factor
The side spreaders eliminate the propeller torsion factor.

Three positions for rescue chute
The rescue chute container can be placed on side, in the front or in the bottom of the harness, thanks to free suspension device of this wonderful trike.

Additional equipment available:
Snow ski, tandem axle kit

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> Step-by-Step
> Detailed Guide
> Easy as 1-2-3

NIRVANA Carbon Specifications

Maximum Load   175 kg  (385 pounds)
Laminated shell
 Back Axles
Carbon sandwich
 Central Axle Tube      
Aluminum, carbon
Stainless steel
Aluminum, spoke
Quick joints with locks
Drum, integrated into front wheel

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