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Welcome to camp on site with tent or RV’s

Stay in nearby hotel/motels

(Nearby dump station for RV septic tanks)

Demo Flights, Flight Tours,

Trips to the beach, Trips to Local Art studios and gift shops

Fishing pond on site

Deep Sea trips available with reservations nearby

On premise; movies, cookouts, computer flight simulator,

PPG hang simulator and evening campfire

Many local restaurants and great watering holes nearby (think small Key West)

Lots of non-flying activities nearby and on site!


Museum of the Islands

Kayak Trips

Manatee sight seeing

Cay Costa trips - Click photo:
Matlacha art galleries




Christmas Fly-In

Pine Island Airport Florida

27 Dec 2011 ~ 1 Jan  2012

On-site camp

Group campfire every night


For $20 round trip Bob's Island Adventures will bring you and your paramotor to Cayo Costa Island for a day of flying a white sand beach. The family will enjoy the beach while you fly!  Of course this beach is only 4 miles away from Pine Island Airport - a short flight if the wind is right. Call Bob at (239) 877-7BOB for more information and let him know you may use his services to get to or from the beach!



We want to fly AFTER you leave too......

We follow a few simple rules - FAR 103 and good flying conduct!


Russ Miley will be on site and available to provide Sport Pilot Certificated Flight Instruction, land and sea. For more information: or call Russ @ 231-620-0083


Tim, the owner of Kingfisher Aerial based at Pine Island Airport, is the best sightseeing pilot in SW Florida. 3 passengers can enjoy the view in comfort without excitement of jumping out of the plane like our skydiving friends. The Maule is the perfect aircraft for your sightseeing trip. See:
Please call Tim and tell him you will be attending the Fly-In @ (239) 823 6225


Competition events will be held  (Spot landing, Nav, Foot drag, and others)

Cross Country and Altitude flights

Lots of non-flying activities nearby and on site!

Charges for the week established by the Pine Island Airport:

$30 All Pilots (Must sign disclaimer upon entry to Pine Island Airport)

$20 Tent or trailer camping (dry - no electric or water hookups)
$100 RV and large trailers (will be parked on concrete -  with electric/  water hookups))
$20 Electric & water hookup
$200 Vendors - w/ electric & water - all parked on concrete pad

During the Fly-in we will have scheduled a CFI (PPC) and a DPE (WeightShift Trike, PPC)
available for Instruction, Log Book endorsements, Checkrides with N Numbered PPC's and Weight Shift Trikes

Note: FRS/GMRS,  & Air-band radios will be in use, please bring yours if you plan to fly.

FootFlyer article about previous events:

UltraFlight Magizine Interview:

Powered Paragliding New Brunswick review of past event:

This is the link to the Greater Pine Island Chamber of Commerce web site:

This shows the different lodges and Bed and Breakfast’s

Just a few suggestions of many good places

Tarpon Lodge 

Bokeelia Tarpon Inn

Sun and Moon Inn

Bridge Water Inn Motel  - Lower price!

Knoll's Court Motel - Special Planet Deals!


7:00 Safety Briefing
7:30 Morning free fly or group flight (See destinations)
9:30 Breakfast trip to a local restaurant
4:00 Safety Briefing
4:30 Evening free fly or group flight (See destinations)
Sunset Evening dinnertime / campfire

Shopping & Art gallery trips

PPGs, Trikes, Ultralights, and Fixed Wing

As long as you can land on 2700’ grass strip!


Flight Destinations

Click destination for more information

Sanibel Island

Flight video

N26. 26.694' W 82. 1.516'
Cabbage Key   N26. 39.337' W82.13.293'
Useppa Island   N26. 39.813' W82.12.640'
Cayo Costa

Ranger Info Flight video

N26. 41.153' W82.14.723'
Pine Island

Flight video

N26.39.452' W82. 7.105'
Burnt Store Marina

Flight video

N26. 45.637' W82. 3.985'
Sanibel Causeway

Flight video

N26. 28.908' W 82. 1.212'
Ft Myers Beach

Flight video

N26. 27.008' W 81. 57.015'


If you desire you may fly to the surrounding islands. If you do fly over the water you incur additional risk. Please be advised!

This area is paradise - many non-flying things to do in the area - lots of hotels and places to eat!

Pine Island Airport
a view from the south east at about 1,500 ft in 2003.  Since then Wayne has eliminated the orange grove to the south of the hangars and Hurricane Charlie eliminated the hangars.


This picture is from the same angle at 1 mile out and 2,000 ft. You can see water on both sides of the island.

The airport doesn't look like much from the air

It is 18.85 acres of Agricultural Island in the Lee Islands which run up the Gulf Coast from Bonita Bay, Estero (Ft Myers Beach), Sanibel, Captiva, North Captiva, to Cayo Costa, Gasparilla and many inner islands to include Pine Island, Useppa and Cabbage Key where it is said Jimmy Buffet wrote "Cheese Burger in Paradise"


Matlacha the gateway to the Island
Sanibel everyone's paradise
Picnic Island a Boaters hangout
Cabbage Key - Cheese Burger in Paradise

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